BUCHAREST DESIGN CENTER prezinta „Design romanesc de produs: Punte intre culturi” in cadrul Graz Design Month

| expozitie de design romanesc de produs in Graz, Austria| 22 mai – 2 iunie 2013 | In perioada 22 mai – 2 iunie 2013, BUCHAREST DESIGN CENTER a inclus o sectiune speciala dedicata designului romanesc de produs in cadrul „GRAZ DESIGN MONAT” – o luna de evenimente dedicate designului intr-unul dintre orasele europene cele mai efervescente in zona arhitecturii si designului (in 2011, orasul austriac Graz a purtat titulatura de UNESCO City of Design). Evenimentul... Read More

Cooking School in Ancient Slaughterhouse

FERROCARRILES ANDALUCES Two thousand and seven hundred years ago the Phoenician people built a temple dedicated to Hercules in the current city of Medina Sidonia. Medina is a historic town in the hills in Cadiz, Spain. Its houses are known for their whitewashed walls and their ceramic roofs. The project involves adapting an ancient slaughterhouse, built in the XIX century, into a Professional Cooking School. The slaughterhouse was composed by a small construction around a courtyard... Read More

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