ARHITECTURA Magazine Contents, No.2-3 /2018

Main Theme: Participatory Architecture

 8  The pavilions of the Biennale. Historical landmarks I Daniela Puia 

16  Romanian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018. Freespace with the keychain-around-the-neck  I Maria Mănescu   
24  Mnemonics, a ludic vision of freedom  I Maria Mănescu   
24  Beyond the blocks   I Romeo Cuc  
25  Make a PLACE!  I Vintilă Mihăilescu   
29  Blocks from the past, blocks in the future  I Ana Maria Zahariade   
32  Non-public. Urban space in Bucharest after 1989  I Ștefan Ghenciulescu   
36  Addenda: Do you live in a house with a yard or in a block! I Maria Mănescu   
38   Prizes at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018  I Daniela Puia   
44   Limbo Space, interspace or transition space? Greenhousetalks 2018  I Maria Mănescu   


58  Venice Architecture Biennale 2018   


66  STUDIOBASAR. Toward an engaged practice  I Alex Axinte, Cristi Borcan


72  Diploma project, UAUIM 2016. Community building in Bărcuț village  I Irina SCOBIOLA 

84     Participation, Ab urbe condita I Lorin NICULAE
90     Participatory architecture and mass housing I Lorin Niculae 
112  Participatory architecture and the ”partipatory” conflict between image and structure in urban space  I Maria-Roxana BISCHIN
118  The regulatory framework of the participative approach – a compared analysis between Berlin, Belo Horizonte and Bucharest I Simona GRÜTER-BÎRGĂOANU 
125   Accommodating the Commons: Social-Spatial Practices in Bogotá I Klaske HAVIK, Tom AVERMAETE, Jorge MEJÍA HERNÁNDEZ 
134  Fighting the limits: an architecture written by people I Alexandra PURNICHESCU 
140   Stories from Bucharest. Marginal people I Andrei MĂRGULESCU,Oana Maria ANGHEL, Andreea DOBRESCU, Ioana IORDACHE, Andreea MORO, Eliza PALOȘ, Ioana RIZEA, Tudor RUSU, Patricia SAVU
150    Urban pedagogy in Bucharest: URBOTECA by ATU  I Vera Marin, Daniela Calciu
154    Architects and communities  I Augustin IOAN

160    The colors of Bărăgan I Alexandra PURNICHESCU, Lorin Niculae

164    About how we managed to repair a lavatory after staffing the yard with charcoal  I Justin BARONCEA



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