Sumarul revistei ARHITECTURA, nr.4-5/2018

Coperta Revista Arhitectura nr.4-5.2018


DE PATRIMONIO (English Version)

14 Arhitectura Magazine Award, BNA, 2018 I Maria MĂNESCU 
16 De Patrimonio. A Battle Journal I Maria MĂNESCU 
22 Examples, Exceptions and Models
for Protecting the Romanian Cultural Heritage I Sergiu NISTOR 
28 Heritage Frustrations I Irina POPESCU CRIVEANU 
40 The Modernity of Built Heritage I Kázmér KOVÁCS 
50 Historical Allotments and Proximity Communities or How to Inform 15.000 Residents of Bucharest on the History of their Allotment I Andrei Răzvan VOINEA, Irina Calotă 
62 The Frail Life of Bucharest Monuments I Alexandru PANAITESCU 
88 Open Letter to the Ministry of Culture and National Identity 
92 On the Heritage of Roșia Montană, with Hope I Claudia APOSTOL 
100 How Petrila turned into a Planet. From Activism to a Culturally-Based Heritage
Regeneration Programme I Mihai DANCIU, Loredana GAIŢĂ 
110 HerculaneProject. Our Story I Oana CHIRILĂ 
128 A Mode(l) for the Revitalization of the European-rooted Cultural Heritage:
Ville de Laval, Québec, Canada I Ana MANESCU 
136 Bucium Summer University.A Model for the Regeneration of Rural Cultural Heritage I Mihaela HĂRMĂNESCU 
150 The Centre for Vernacular Architecture Studies in Dealu Frumos.
A Living Example of Heritage I Ioana ZACHARIAS VULTUR 
160 Archives – An Architectural Heritage I Nicolae LASCU 

168 Binaries and Trinaries. A Summary of the Heritage Values I Anca SANDU TOMASZEWSCHI 

172 Ioana Grigorescu. The Path of Sincerity I Anca FILIP 

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