ARHITECTURA Magazine Contents, No.5-6/ 2019

Main Theme: Competition , No.5-6/2019

10 Hundred Bauhaus. The new not really new and radical reform like Realpolitik / Anca SANDU TOMASZEWSKI
18 Andrzej Wajda – Space Director / Jacek PURCHLA

22 Ioana Grigorescu in Krakow / Dragoș CIOLACU
26 Krakow International Center for Culture. Heritage-dialogue-Central Europe / Sabra DAICI

32 UrbanEye Film Festival has reached its sixth edition / Diana CERCEL

36 International competition with the theme “A traveling theater”, London, 1961 / Irina Oana CĂLINESCU
38 The contest for the systematization of the Market of the Central House of the Army from Bucharest 1961 / Irina Oana CĂLINESCU

44 The architecture competition then and now / Ana Maria ZAHARIADE
47 Conference on International Solution Competitions, organized by the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the Council of Architects (ACE), October 25, 2019, UNESCO headquarters, Paris. Press release
48 The ages of architectural competitions / Șerban ȚIGĂNAȘ
52 Public architectural competitions organized until the First World War / Gabriela PETRESCU
62 „1885, The National Museum of Bucharest, a German attempt” / Șerban POPESCU-CRIVEANU
64 German Architecture in Romania / Translation: Kázmér KOVÁCS, Notes: Șerban POPESCU-CRIVEANU
68 Parcul Domeniilor Church – Cașin from Bucharest.
Unpublished details of a competition of ecclesiastical architecture from the 1930s / Ștefan IONESCU BERECHET
72 A competition from 1936: Piata 8 Iunie / Nicolae LASCU
78 A century and a half of architectural competitions. 1859-1990 / Alexandru PANAITESCU
94 I am very sorry that I can no longer afford to participate at open competitions / Interview with the architect Vladimir ARSENE, made by Alexandra FLOREA
124 Competition / Stephane PERIANU
128 BUCHAREST 2000 / Sorin GABREA
138 Patriarchal Cathedral „The Ascension of the Lord and St. Andrew the Apostle”: A personal anthology. National competition from 2002 / Augustin IOAN
142 Architecture competition / Crișan ATANASIU
143 Missed competition – drawer project / Crișan ATANASIU
146 Architecture contest, an opportunity for reflection and research in adverse times / Vlad GAIVORONSCHI
154 Competitions in Cluj-Napoca / Vasile MITREA
157 Someș Shore Contest. First prize
160 The contest as a success generator / Dan CLINCI
162 International Solutions Contest for the Revitalization of the Fireman Tower / Vlad Sebastian RUSU
170 The contest. After 11 years: the architectural contest “Functional extension and remodeling, headquarters of the University of Arts Bucharest, 19 General Budişteanu Street”, 2008 / Irina BĂNCESCU
174 Architecture competitions in Iași / Dragoș CIOLACU
184 A flower is not made … or about architectural competitions in Romania / Constantin GORCEA
194 Architectural competition, between the interest of the community and the interest of some groups for power / Radu RADOSLAV
198 My experiences. Solution contest. Arrangement of the above – ground space – University car park, Bucharest / Adrian SPIRESCU
200 Competition of the concert hall and the headquarters of the Transylvania Philharmonic Cluj-Napoca / Adrian SPIRESCU
202 The competition: professional cohesion and individual competitiveness / Nicolae ȚARĂLUNGĂ
204 UAUIM – A leading school of architecture in international competitions / Françoise PAMFIL
204 The Competitiveness of the Diplomas / Vlad THIERY
212 The mystery and melancholy of a contest / Nicolae ȚARĂLUNGĂ
219 I feel, so I exist, interview with architect Dan COMA / Ştefan Cristian POPA
221 International Competitions in Architecture (ICARCH) / Dan COMA
224 Chronology of public architectural competitions organized in Romania / Gabriela PETRESCU
232 Participations of Romanian architects in competitions organized outside Romania. 1900-1989



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