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Nature is the common denominator. But where is that Nature we all dream about? Most Read more
A competition, in order to be done with the dedication it deserves, requires a serious Read more
My very first confrontation with Romanian heritage started already in the night of the 20th Read more
The 20th century brings along the explosion of the traditional concept of art and the Read more
The German word that has gained currency per se illustrates, besides its relatively familiar origins, Read more
This is not a project designed by an architect who thinks he knows all the Read more
In Western Europe, a contemporary approach appealing to a wide audience is communal or community Read more
„Build a house the way you like” - this was the theme of the architecture Read more
The project is the result of an accumulation of constraints and permanent negotiations among all Read more
Pairing the house with the workplace boasts a long tradition. In the Middle Ages, locating Read more

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