Fall workshops at Headlands: call for applications

Headlands Center for the Arts

Fall workshops

August 31–September 5, 2012

Covert Operations: Hacking the Landscape
September 7–September 12, 2012

Application deadline: July 17, 2012
Notification: August 2, 2012



A week-long workshop
Now accepting applications

Become part of an interdisciplinary collective led by Future producers John Bielenberg and Marc O’Brien, of Project M fame, to focus their radical design-meets-enterprise approach on Headlands Center for the Arts and the surrounding park. Engage in Future’s novel „think wrong” design practice, an emergent modus operandi that challenges predictable pathways and biases in problem-solving. In keeping with their previous outside-the-box projects, Future will lead the collaborative first to identify site-specific issues, then generate a cluster of innovative ideas and prototype avant-garde solutions toward a final model. Through the transformative and intensive experience of Future/Headlands, the group will respond to a one-of-a-kind provocation to creative action in a unique setting on the edge of the world.

Covert Operations: Hacking the Landscape
A week-long workshop
Now accepting applications

Join Liam Young (AIR ’11) and Kate Davies of the nomadic design group Unknown Fields Division as they take up temporary residence at Headlands. Employing contemporary surveillance technology to map the post-militarized Marin Headlands, the group will hack the landscape to imagine extraordinary futures. Collaborators assembled from the worlds of art, architecture, and technology will guide sorties across diverse local terrains. Laser-scan forests using hi-res, long range optics; deploy infrared night vision cameras to peer through the mist; and build a fleet of drones to map from above. In these shifting fields of nature and artifice, participants will re-examine preservationist attitudes toward the natural world, the ecologically fragile, and the technologically obsolete.

Workshops at Headlands
Workshops are week-long, thematic intensives that use the expansive setting of the Marin Headlands, a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, as a starting place for creative exploration. Led by accomplished artists and thinkers, Workshops invite participants to exchange ideas, realize creative projects, and develop new skills.

Workshops are held at Headlands’ historic artist-renovated campus, and include:
Intensive project work, both solo and group-based
Excursions into surrounding National Park
Onsite meals exclusively prepared for workshop participants by private chef
Option of on-site housing in former officers quarters for the full Headlands experience

Fees (in USD)
550 Tuition
525 Private room in common house (for 5 days)
425 Board (3 meals a day for 5 days)
1500 Total

550 Tuition
425 Board (3 meals a day for 5 days)
975 Total

Eligibility and selection criteria
Must be able to commit to week-long, full-day sessions
Demonstrated experience relative to theme
Interest in collaborative practice and investigation

Application details and information can be found here


Maude Haak-Frendscho, Program Coordinator, Headlands Center for the Arts:programcoordinator@headlands.org.

Headlands Center for the Arts
944 Fort Barry
Sausalito, CA 94965
T 415 331 2787 x26
F 415 331 3857

*Image above: Photo courtesy of Headlands Center for the Arts.



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